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All Roads Lead To A Church
Awards, Certificates & Attestations
Eric Michel

Marie Yvonne

of Four
Eric Michel Ministries International
Interdenominational Assembly of Churches

Founder of Eric Michel Ministries International and Co-Founder of the Chaplaincy Ministry
Since 1966, Rev Eric Michel is on a quest for knowledge in a variety of subjects: new discovery
science, astronomy, medicine, geology etc. But his main passion is history, religions and spirituality
with a search of truth in paranormal, holly scriptures and in historic and science facts

Community Chaplain
Rev Eric Michel was ordained on Dec 7, 1988, as a minister he operated a small group of 10 clergymen
on Benedict St in Gatineau. Their task:" Research". A mediatech containing books, audio, photo and
video library and tons of documents. In 1987 to 1993 the computer system was one Commodore 64 and
two Vic 20, with access to Compuserve and other network  via Datapack and that is the basic foundation
to our  Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry today.

As a Street Outreach Worker (1993-2000) the Rev. Eric Michel was already doing community chaplain
duty with out knowing it, and in other volunteering organisms. But  on July the 30th, 2011 he received
the title officially in Nanaimo, British Columbia by The Senior Bishop John Tyrrell.

A large part of his life was to give his time to the community as a volunteer and he was a member of
many non-profit organizations (more than 20) which he got involved as a member of boards with titles
of director, Vice-President and President. Also siting in round tables of social community for the well
being of the community in different aspect regarding health, socially and most important their primary

Academic Background:

  • Université du Québec A Hull  Course in small group Communication Skills
  • Collège Dominicain faculté de théologie Bible Study
  • Université du Québec A Sherbrooke University Theology Roman Catholic
  • Certified Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Researchers
  • Académie de Formation Professionnelle de Pastorale Pastor-Celebrant Training
  • Université du Québec A Trois-Rivières Cosmology & Philosophy

Computer Related
  1. UQAH Course in Computer Consultation, Course in Audio-Visual
  2. ZDnet University: Build my own PC, Windows 1998
  3. Brainbench: Computer Technician Certification
  4. C.D.I. College: Windows 2000
  5. Microsoft: Windows,O.E.M.: Workshops
  6. MuitiTech Systems: Certified Optimum Reseller and Installation of VoIP.
  7. APC  Provider Training
  8. Dell Computer & HP Computer  Tech Support training
  9. EMJ Service Provider
  10. Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Certified Partner

Social Intervention
  • Certificat: participation formation de base pour bénévoles Bureau Régional Action Sida  
  • Attestation Collège Maisonneuve: Toxicomanie et Sida dépendance et style de vie vécu sexuel et comportements a risque Intervenir auprès des utilisateurs de
    drogues injectables
  • Attestation  EduCom service de formation: Gestion de conflits et médiation
  • Certificat Bureau Régional Action Sida: un visage humain sur la toxicomanie        
  • Attestation Drogue et Alcool: mythes et réalités
  • Certificat intervenant auprès des adolescent: mythes et réalités
  • Attestation Gestion de conflit et médiation
  • Attestation formation en santé mentale: modalités d’intervention dans le cadre de la loi sur la protection des personnes dont l’état mental présente un danger
    pour elles-mêmes ou pour autrui.
  • Attestation: Formation en travail de rue I & II
  • Certificat: Le sida, la loi et moi
  • Attestation: formation en soins palliatifs Préposé aux malades sidéens
  • Certificat: Intervention en situation de crise (sur le terrain)

He is a member of People helping People Network and:
  • 'Open Door - Open Faith Unitarian Church (Co-Ordained)
  • Love and Mariage Centre (Christian) The Family Ministry of Eglise Evangélique Chrétienne de Lorraine as a Pastor-Celebrant (ex-member)
  • Louis Lafrance Mémorial as a Pastor-Celebrant (Christian) (ex-member)
  • Nations University as a Student (Christian)
  • The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association
  • American Association of Wedding Officiants
  • American Unitarian Conference
  • Christian Universalist Association
  • International Federation of Christian Chaplain
  • United Religions Initiative
  • Charter for Compassion
  • Prayer Circle for Animals
  • MA VOIX contre le suicide
  • International Council for ULC Interfaith Ministers
  • The comity for the Golden Rule
  • Church of Larger Fellowship UU (ex-member)
  • Association of Volunteer Firefighter
  • Royal Canadian Legion (Regular Membership)
  • The Progressive Christian Alliance
  • My Firefighter Nation
  • Corporate Chaplains Canada

Credentials For Rev. Marie Yvonne

Academic Background
Msc. D. Metaphysical at Sedona University
Basic Certificat from Christian Leaders Institute

She is a member of:
Ordained Minister at Sedona
Open Door - Open Faith Unitarian Church (

Work Experiences
Rev. Marie Yvonne co-founder with the Eric Michel of the Chaplaincy Ministry.
She was in the 1980,s a Sunday School Teacher and Sunday School Superintendent and
A member for many years of the Jeddore Women's Missionary Society
Most of her life was dedicated to the well being of others mainly in the field of counseling
in her community and carries it into her Chaplain Ministry.

Rev. Marie Yvonne is the founder of the
New Hope Ministry & Missions since 2013, and the Women Ministry.
In 2017

The Rev. Eric Michel Archbishop & The Rev. Marie Yvonne Bishop
fonded an association of churches worldwide

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
Old business card (2013)