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Jesus said: "The sum of the Law and all the prophets," to Love God and Love your neighbor as you do yourself!

Who is your neighbor?  It could be a stranger with other belief
The Bible is full of instruction and it's teaching isn't “just for individuals, but It applies to individuals, governments, and businesses.
The theology of liberal Christianity was prominent in the Biblical criticism of the 19th and 20th centuries. The style of Scriptural hermeneutics (interpretation of the Bible) within liberal theology
is often characterized as non-propositional. This means that the Bible is not considered a collection of factual statements, but instead an anthology that documents the human authors' beliefs
and feelings about God at the time of its writing—within a historical or cultural context

This also follows my own concept of the bible. I do not interpret the bible as the literal word of God as is taught by the church's down through the years. This is the reason that the opportunity was
started, we want to give each member the opportunity to be a member of a church while at same time following their own personal beliefs.   All are welcome here with us and being liberal means
that none are turned away, so we welcome you as a new member and look forward to sharing what we have to offer, there is a place here for everyone. Come and bring a friend no one is turned
away. For more information visit our website on Liberal Christian here:

Rev Marie Yvonne
We are a religious not-for-profit Christian organisation servicing community in their
path to reach God. We draws our inspiration from the Christian heritage of the United Methodist
Church as well as our personal  experiences, we pledge to support one another in our individual
searches for truth and meaning.

We are pleased to welcome you to our website. We hope that you'll find your spiritual path in our
worship and we are looking forward to extending our hands of friendship to you.

Jesus said:"Come and see" to those people he called into discipleship. When they asked what
he was up to, Jesus didn't explain all the details of his mission and ministry; but rather invited
them to come and experience it for themselves.

That's what the members of Eric Michel Ministry Of Malawi invite you to do. We'd love to have you
come and see what life is like in our community. We are a fairly Rural Christian Community, a place
where we are very busy making things happen for you!

Rt. Rev. Marie and I are blessed to personally welcome you to our newly designed website. Knowing
that you depend on us as one of your spiritual resources. We remain committed to our promise to
provide you with the widest array of information and services.

As always, we will include topics that are most important to you such as encouragement in times
of need, our
ministry’s outreach, current events, and more.

We invite you to explore our websites and medias. Feel free to share any comments or questions
that might be on your mind through our online guest book.

If you're not currently a member of our church, we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to
become one, and of course, feel free to reach out and call one of our Ministry Leaders.

We hope you and your family will have a warm experience with us as we worship and fellowship
together at our services, events, and ministries.

We'd also like to invite you to make an online prayer request.
You're prayer request opens the door, and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door, at all times,
in all situations, to join with you.

Many blessings to you, Enjoy this site!

The webmaster
  • The logo centre is gray.                                               
    This gray circle is where we are alike: belief in Christ

  • The white our differences:

  1. Non-literal interpretation of the Bible,
  2. Honest less than perfect
  3. Faith feelings and thoughts and our traditions of    
    rational open minded thinking and approach to God.
All Roads Lead To A Church
This part of our website is dedicated to all Christian
buildings that we visited or drove by while we traveled
or a Sunday Drive Tour. In some of them we enter in
and chat with the staff or others we walked around or
we just took a picture through the car windshield or window.

Have a good visit, God bless!
Liberal Christianity
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Liberal Christianity, also known as liberal theology, covers diverse philosophically and biblically informed religious movements and ideas within Christianity from the late 18th century onward.
Liberal does not refer to progressive Christianity or to political liberalism but to the philosophical and religious thought that developed and grew as a consequence of the Enlightenment.

Liberal Christianity, broadly speaking, is a method of biblical hermeneutics, an undogmatic method of understanding God through the use of scripture by applying the same modern
hermeneutics used to understand any ancient writings, symbols and scriptures. Liberal Christianity did not originate as a belief structure, and as such was not dependent upon any
Church dogma or creedal doctrine. Unlike conservative varieties of Christianity, liberalism has no unified set of propositional beliefs. Instead, "Liberalism" from the start embraced
the methodologies of Enlightenment science, including empirical evidence and the use of reason, as the basis for interpreting the Bible, life, faith and theology.

The word liberal in liberal Christianity originally denoted a characteristic willingness to interpret scripture according to modern philosophic perspectives and modern scientific assumptions,
while attempting to achieve the Enlightenment ideal of objective point of view, without preconceived notions of the authority of scripture or the correctness of Church dogma.
Liberal Christians may hold certain beliefs in common with Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, or even fundamentalist Protestantism.
Hate is not Holy
Rev. Marie with Dino
We are a Christian denomination affirming LGBT
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We are a member of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
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Christ the Creationist by the metaphysical power to change the physical matter call a
singularity who expanded from a very high-density and high-temperature state into
the universe.

After the initial expansion, the universe cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of
subatomic particles and later simple atoms. Giant clouds of these primordial elements
later coalesced through gravity in halos of dark matter, eventually forming the stars
and galaxies visible today.