Belief Statement
EMMI New Thought Ministry Page 26
Eric Michel New Thought Ministry's mission is to educate anyone who is sincere about living those
who seek the highest level in ministry as Christian so that our
students become the new leaders of
the 21st Century church.

  1. We believe that the right to heal belongs to everyone who sincerely manifests and desires it.
  2. We believe in the reality of the field and subspace as the optimal source of healing.
  3. We believe in improving the health of communities by acting collectively on this subtle
  4. We believe in natural, non-invasive approaches to restoring health, without side effects.
  5. We believe that everyone should be educated on how to heal themselves and others.
  6. We believe in promoting the practice of this healing art with competence, ethics, and
  7. We believe in using a model of medicine based on the concepts of bio-terrain and subtle
  8. We believe that we can help practitioners prevent disease and generate optimal health for
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