Worship (Eucharist)


Christians have been gathering together since the first century to break bread, share in fellowship with each other, be present with God, and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. 


The Worship


Our Tenet

 1.1 Observe the Golden Rule: Do Only That Which Is Right. Harm no one.

1.2 We are advocates of the absolute right to the freedom of religion. That all people have a right to worship and believe in the way that is right for them. This is a very open doctrine of acceptance and self-empowerment.


CL020.30 Canon Altar and the Holy Place

Altars are blessed. Candles, oil lamps, and a cross may adorn the altar. Altars shall be covered with at least one white linen cloth, extending the length and breadth of the altar. Appropriate frontal is approved and may be seasonally changed or remain static throughout the year. Appropriates pictures and/or Bankrolls may adorn the walls of the Holy Place.

CL020.31 Canon Vestments

NB: We have clergy members who come from a Congregational background like our own Baptist (NHM&M) and they DO NOT wear any of the episcopal vestments and regalia.

CL020.31.0. Clergy Dress and Vestments.

CL020.31.1  Clergies are required to wear a clerical dress when administering the Spiritual Services and should dress appropriately when taking funerals, visiting the sick and appearing at any other function where they are to offer ministry. It is the free choice of the clergypersons concerned as to whether they wish to wear the clerical dress when not exercising such functions, but chaplaincy uniform is a must, in that case, except for weddings when requested a suit is required.

Special Liturgy

  1. Easter
  2. Christmas
  3. Pentecost

  4. Palm Sunday