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We are a team of wedding officiants accredited by the Quebec government to perform marriages across Quebec. We offer the ability to customize your ceremony and at the place where you want. A  spiritual, religious or civil celebration, which will meet your requirements, an intimate and romantic ceremony a unique moment in your lives…

An unforgettable and magical time according to your expectations. We build with you a day of dreams. We have a complete and attentive service. For us, your satisfaction is our priority. We also celebrate renewals of vows, anniversaries christenings and funerals, and at competitive prices. Contact us and book your date   as soon as possible, we will be happy to answer your questions

Wedding or Commitment Ceremony
Celebrates the joining through vows of two people who choose to make public their personal commitment to each other.  A wedding is informed by our core values and principles. It is secular or religious in form and content.

No two ceremonies are the same because each one is composed to reflect the unique character and personalities of the marriage partners.   Our ceremony is imbued with meaning by the people who are participants whether the couple or their friends, family and guests.  Above all, our wedding is a celebration of the human spirit and the human capacity to form conscious relationships with particular individuals.

A loving and committed relationship With all the rights and privileges of Mariage should be the right of every Couple desiring to take that step, an  Act Of Love. Planning your marriage Ceremony. It will be a process that is

Joyful, it will be one that you will Always treasure as love growth, for Each partner individually, and for Your partnership as a couple.

What a wonderful vocation to devote love and seal it forever! It is the fulfillment of the dream the sweetest of the earth!

The personalized ceremony should include elements that will help the couple to capture the energy of the moment – creating a sacred time and space for their vows.