The chaplain is a minister who conducts service in a chapel and without parish charge and who is attached for special duties to institutions or like us at EMMI in the community at large.

Outreach: To offer hope to those in need. We are a traditional Christian Chaplaincy.

EMMI chaplaincy provides consultation, preside over ceremonies, and offer outreaches to the community as a nonreligious service. EMMI Chaplaincy provides a permanent IUM presence. A large percentage of people today do not have any relationship with a religious group. Often rushed for time, their beliefs and personal needs take a back seat to the performance schedules, meetings, deadlines, and agendas. However, the problems at home don’t go away, they are simply brought as emotional baggage, wherever you go.

EMMI offer spiritual support to all denominations.

EMMI has full time, part-time, long-term, career and volunteer chaplains who combine real-world experience with professional chaplaincy training.  As Liberal Christian, we offering a chaplaincy that includes caregiving but the chaplain mandate is to give help to anyone in needs no matter their religion, we have to minister to people from different backgrounds and beliefs. The non-belief range from new atheists to spiritual-but-not-religious, from agnosticism to Buddhist traditions. No matter where people are encountered, a chaplain meets them where they are, physically or spiritually, and offers support. Chaplains listen, care for, connect with, and nurture the people they work with. If the chaplain is good, it will not matter what traditions he or she and you come from. Nevertheless, theists and atheists can now work together for a happier world.

In institutions, EMMI Chaplains only attend only by request. the goal is to provide spiritual support and counselling to help people who may be experiencing spiritual distress and to bring in other religious practitioners if they are needed. Chaplains may also sit with dying patients and their families to provide support and counsel family members. You have the right to refuse the chaplain’s services and to determine the degree of support and intervention provided by him or her. The chaplain provides spiritual support but not medical advice or assistance.


We are all volunteers and our work is based on Christian Charity

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