The Chaplaincy Disambiguation

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In Canada Eric Michel Ministries International is a chaplaincy in is whole as we are not a church but a not-for-profit religious organization, we are Independent United Methodist and  Reconciling Baptist, so we call ourself IUM.

The EMMI Organization include:

  1. A chaplaincy
  2. A Seminary
  3. A fellowship

Registered with the Governments:

CL005.4.1 Canadian Government

EMMI is officially registry with the Government of Canada and a certificate of incorporation was issued on 2014/07/14

 Our Identification Number is: 895170-05 from Industry Canada

Our Taxation Number is: 80323 9177 RC 300 from Revenue Canada

CL 005.4.2 Quebec Government

Our Identification Number is: 1170642343

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is part of it as well the Seminary and the Fellowship under New Hope Ministry and Missions.


The Chaplaincy has Ministries and one of them is the Chaplaincy Ministry and it is non-denominational and inter-faith.


The Rev. Eric Michel is the director and he is a member of the International Federation of Christian Chaplains

The chaplaincy is divided into four groups:

  1. Outreach Chaplains
  2. The Emergency Ministry of Chaplains and Assistants (TEMCA) for Police, Firefighter, EMS
  3. Pet Chaplains
  4. Harmony Chaplains (Interfaith Group via


Our Chaplains ware a uniform