Sacrament of Last Rites

CL020.2.4  The Greater Services


Canon 020.3.3 Holy Anointing & Funerals
There are two rites of anointing which comprise in this: Last Anointing at the time of death and Anointing for Healing.

Canon 020.3.4 Holy Oils are available from EMMI Bishops to the clergy of the Chaplaincy or Fellowship. In the case of the Oil of the Sick, a minister may bless oil when necessary but shall do so during the same service in which the oil is to be administered.

The essential elements are:

  1. The intention of the minister to administer it and the intention of the recipient to receive the Anointing
  2. To bring the comfort to the dying or ailing
  3. To ease the final transition of the soul from the physical body.

EMMI requires the use of an accepted formula. The ordinary ministers of Holy Anointing are Ministers and bishops.

At the funerals the ministers’ celebrant direct prayers and songs to the eulogy.

A eulogy should include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome
  3. Introduction
  4. Give your personal sentiments
  5. Memories
  6. Insights from the family and friends
  7. Close with a memorable song or poem