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Eric Michel Ministries International academic programs can reach all nations with our online training…

Commitment to our missions is rooted in our view of the Scripture and a desire to reach every nation with the Good News.

For a number of years, EMMI under the leadership of the archbishop and teacher the Rev. Eric Michel envisioned a program that trained men and women for ministries.

In 2015, we “implement Team Impact Christian University Curriculum” with the purpose of training people of God, thoroughly equipping them for Bible exposition and local church ministry.

EMMI define the study of different faiths and belief systems view from a Christian point of view. our degrees prepare students to work as a pastor, minister, or in other parts of the ministry.

This is the path for students who are interested in Christian studies and pursuing work in the professional ministry.



FoJBA is committed to keeping our tuition as low as possible, recognizing that many of our students are motivated by a desire to serve the Church. FoJBA is a non-profit Seminary and is not financially supported by our members. Our tuition – which reflects the cost of providing high-quality programs. We are one of the lowest graduate and undergraduate tuition rates of all online universities.

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Tuition is set by the Board of Trustees with our partners and it is subject to change without notice.



Bible Study: free bible study for the ones who just like to know more about Christianity and they are all free online course and by emails.


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