Canon Law

NB: The word ‘clergy‘ is a collective noun, plural in form though it sounds singular; for a single male religious person ‘clergyman’ and for a single female religious person ‘clergywoman’ are used. However, some people use this word as a singular, and to refer to a group, they use the plural form ‘clergies’.

  1. Symposiums
  2. Assembly of Churches (Interdenominational)
  3. Fellowship for Affiliates
  4. Who rules the Assembly
  5. Assembly of Churches  (International Partnerships)
  6. Sources of theological authority
  7. Constitution of a new church
  8. How to Amend Bylaws
  9. The formal code of doctrine and discipline
  10. Membership
  11. How to configure your corporate email
  12. Licensed Local Pastors 
  13. Bishops
  14. District Bishop or Dean
  15. Lay Ministry
  16. Canon Law the Sacraments
  17. Apportionments (@ EMMI we have Cathedraticum)

  18. Assembly Clergy Ranks

Minister’s Corner

CL020.31.2  The clergy shirt for both men and women shall consist of a shirt with Tab white collar. The clerical shirt has to be black or white unless a bishop, Archbishop or member of Board of Elders.

Black is by tradition is used in Chaplaincy by Chaplains who are not on duty, The Chaplain’s Shirt is white and used if it is the usual white colour of the habit or clothing of members of a Chaplain order.

Any member of the clergy may wear a pectoral cross, although for those below the order of bishop this should be discreet and not overly demonstrative.

So the Chaplain not in duty wears a black clergy shirt, in duty, he wears the white tab shirt. It is also admissible the Black Clergy Shirt Frontal or Black Clergy Collars (Collarettes)

CL020.31.3  Clergies are free to vest in the colour appropriate to the circumstances, but general rules are black for funerals, white for ordinations and marriages and gold for major events.